After birthday

My three day weekend was definitely relaxing! Friday we fired up my motorcycle and I rode it down to the shop where we’re getting it worked on. The cold wasn’t as bad as the 40 mph winds. I couldn’t even go above 40 because it would catch the bike too much and almost send me off the road.  That turned into extreme exhaustion so we put off going out to dinner until Saturday. Had a nice dinner at olive garden, nummy! (With left-overs for Sunday lunch!)  Then yesterday I had my massage that the hubby got me for Christmas. I was so relaxed by the end I had trouble getting dressed.  Definitely did not want to get up for work today, le sigh but I have to support us. 

I am working on getting Etsy listings up, I’ve opened my shop, took some pics yesterday when it was overcast but still have 67% of my inventory to photograph.  Then I have to do measurements and write everything up….

Happy Speedy Beading!

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