Medallions, February BJP, New Projects

The past month has been a bigger exploration into my beading, but it has also been a struggle to just keep beading overall. The weather up here has been pretty nasty, getting to -30F some days with the windchill, and honestly all I want to do is hibernate in my bed because of it. I have been able to get out some new pieces, but am stuck on others (with no real idea how to finish). This post is going to be pretty long so I’m going to try to break it down into parts:

1) Medallion Special Order
2) February BJP
3) Lamp project
4) Color exploration series
5) Fire mountain entries?
6) Mini projects I’ve finished

1) I FINISHED! The medallion special order was finished ahead of schedule on February 1st, but I had to wait to send it because the client left town. It was sent out on Monday, was supposed to arrive yesterday, but the weather has really held it up. 😦 boo, but she’s not worried about it. Here are the medallions in pairs:20140202_001953-1_wmPurple and teal Clash

Sea Anemone and Pearls
I’m extremely proud of them, and hope to get more commissions from Florida soon!

2) I do not have a picture of my February BJP, I’m not even sure I like it right now, I’m still trying to decide. I’ve been feeling burned out lately at work, and I wanted to express that in my bead journal but it doesn’t seem to be coming out right. So more on that later, but I haven’t touched it in probably about a week.

3) My lamp project! Oh this should probably have a post by itself! Basically I acquired this lamp about 18 months ago at an estate sale:


How awesome is this?? The “shade” was one of those multi-panel vertical ones that’s HUGE (8 panels, each 5.5″x13.5″), but the fabric was shredded beyond belief. My first thought? BEAD IT! So I managed to get it for $2. I’ve started planning out the panels (which I’m going to loom). Each panel will be a section of peacock feathers that’s been blurred then overlaid with a Henna design. I’m excited about it. More about it later, but my plan is Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to fund it because the project will be so huge (and anyone that backs me will GET SOMETHING! and who doesn’t like gifts??) You can view potential panels and more pics of the lamp by visiting my Facebook page (link to the right)

4) I’ve hit a wall with my color exploration series. I have most of the components done for the first one (gold) but now I hit the problem of I don’t know how to connect some of them! The star shapes follow the star that’s on the top of the cab, but connecting them securely is where I’m stuck. Here’s some pics:





5) I’ve also started one of the other color exploration series, which I’m thinking about entering into the Fire Mountain Seed Bead Competition that’s open right now. This one is black:

Black color exploration

6) Here are a few more things I’ve finished since January 1st (all of these had some type of “first” in them:

First Netting

First Triple spiral rope

First Barrette

First Loomed piece in 16 years!

BONUS:I made these as a surprise for my medallion client, just a small set of earrings, but I thought they’d really sparkle as she belly dances!
"extra" made for medallion client

Sorry it’s so rushed but I only have 60 minutes at the library!!

4 thoughts on “Medallions, February BJP, New Projects

  1. Becky Pancake says:

    Your jewelry is beautiful. I like your lamp also. My first beaded project was to make fringe for an antique lampshade frame that came from my husbands family. It had almost 25,000 beads in it. I have had the fringe done for a decade but I have not put the fabric on the shade to finish it. Someday I will though.

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