2016 Bead Peeps Swap N Hop REVEAL

So the last few months have been kind of crazy.  We have this whole big kerfuffle going on with (our now) old landlord.  I’m not sure we’re quite done with him as we will likely have to sue but at least we’re not living there anymore!  So we moved last Monday – it took us 19 hours between the time we picked up the Uhaul truck and when we dropped it off (at 5 am – yea that wasn’t a fun night, but thankfully I had asked for Tuesday off).   The biggest upside of our new place is the garage – it’s HUGE (practically bigger then our house) so the majority of our stuff ended up out there so I can go through it at will and not have to trip over it in the house.  The downside? I currently have no bead room – well I do but it’s not set up yet.  The desk is in there but I still have to get my chair, my beads and everything else in.  And then in a (hopefully) few months when part of the garage gets converted to my bead room I get to move it all out again!

So on to the swap reveal:

First – what is the Bead Peeps Swap N Hop?  It’s an annual event (we’re in the 2nd year) where designers sign up, get a partner and then swap beads with that partner.  They make a piece (or lots of pieces) of jewelry incorporating what they were sent, then do a blog post reveal, where you can hop around to ooh and aah at everything!  This event is hosted by Linda Anderson of Cherry on Top Design

If you follow my blog you’ll have seen my previous post about my partner Bobbie Rafferty, who was even nice enough to send me extra seed beads since she didn’t know the manufacturer/number!

I was out of character the last few months and did not wait until the last moment to start things – as soon as I unwrapped everything I was searching for ideas and inspiration – which was easy to do considering how much my partner sent me! Here’s a reminder of what I received:

In total I made 17 individual pieces, though some belong in sets, this is how it broke down:

2 sets

4 bracelets

3 necklaces

3 earrings

3 rings


As the number of my pieces increased so did my desire to use every type of bead that was sent to me, not necessarily ALL of them in terms of quantity, but as least use them all once.  This became the ultimate goal.  Last year I had 2 partners, and didn’t even come close to using every type that was sent to me and it left me feeling like I hadn’t done enough.  So did I hit my goal?

Sadly no, the hollow jade squares I just couldn’t get to talk to me. I thought earrings first, or maybe the side of a focal on a bracelet. But just couldn’t make it work. I also didn’t use the Cinnabar fish focal, I’m saving that for later.

But here’s what I did make:



Beads used: seed beads, mother-of-pearl


Beads used: Moonstone, 15/0, AB rounds


Beads used: AB rounds



Beads used: crystal briolettes


Beads used: AB rounds, 15/0, seed beads


Beads used: seed beads, 15/0, unakite



Beads used: seed beads, 8/0(core)


Beads used: AB rounds, 15/0


Beads used: seed beads, 15/0


Beads used: czech ovals


Wearing them all



Beads used: ocean jasper focal, 15/0, delica


Beads used: jasper, seed beads, bugles, 15/0


Beads used: seed beads, long magatama



Beads used: Carved bone, dyed carved bone, clasp, seed beads, 15/0, 8/0 (core) Everything except the earwires was from my partner


Beads used: jasper, delica, 15/0, seed beads

So I definitely feel accomplished!  Hope you enjoyed looking, don’t forget to visit everyone else:


Palak (aka Pallavi Asher)http://kalaabhushan.blogspot.in/
Lori Blanchard YOU ARE HERE

34 thoughts on “2016 Bead Peeps Swap N Hop REVEAL

  1. Divya says:

    Lori, you must be crazy (crazy good!) to make so many beadweaving pieces especially with the move. But God, they are all beautiful!!

  2. Maria Rosa Sharrow says:

    Oh my gosh, I love everything. Holy crow it must have taken like 1,000 hours to make everything, you made. I don’t even know what to say, your pieces are just amazing, beautiful you my dear are a jewelry making, seed beading superstar!!

  3. Robin Kae Reed says:

    Wow Lori you must have had a blast!!! All of these designs are really Beautiful!!! I have a couple of favorites but you really did a Fabulous job!!!

  4. Bobbie says:

    17 pieces?!?? Holy cow, partner, you really outdid yourself – and each piece was more beautiful than the one before! I never, ever would have guessed that chocolate brown was a challenge for you. Every piece is rich and elegant and wonderfully made. While it’s hard to pick a favorite, I really love what you did with the ocean jasper marquise and the lush spiral necklace with the bone beads. I’m so glad we were partners, and I’m so glad you enjoyed working with what I sent!

  5. sheila prose says:

    where to start. so much bounty. the one that really impressed me was the bugle bead pendant, was that your own idea was that actually considered a bugle bead bezel.whatever its called , I like it. its always a pleasure to see creative use of the lowly bugle bead.

  6. Marianne Baxter says:

    I love all your designs. You must of had lots of fun creating with this stash. I like that they are all different.

  7. Cynthia says:

    wow that is quite a display of amazing beadwork! I love all these rings – those are such a challenge for me for some reason. The beaded rope with those bone beads is a show stopper – that is gorgeous!

  8. Becky Pancake says:

    Hi Lori, 17 pieces is a very impressive number. You should be really proud as your designs are all wonderful. The ring with AB rounds and duo band and the earrings that match are way cool. I also really like the bracelet with tilas and the donut focal with the magatamas.

  9. kraftymax says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, you are amazing!! I just love EVERYTHING you made, but two stand out for me (also a seed beader). I just love the flower bracelet, that is an amazing design…and the one with all the little cabs….just LOVE IT!! I have to say that you have made an impressive amount of jewelry!! WONDERFUL SWAP!! ~KM http://www.kraftymax.net/bead-peeps-swap-n-hop-2016/

  10. motidanaPalak (aka Pallavi Asher) says:

    Oh My Goodness! What gorgeous pieces! I have been scrolling up and down trying to find a favourite bute could not I love them ALL! And I must say that apart from your beading skills I`m totally in awe of your photography skill. Love the beauty you have captured in each click. Wish I could have done better myself 😦

    • alainnjewelry says:

      thanks! These photos actually weren’t that great, it was the only day with no rain though, but it was 40° out so I was in a bit of a hurry. Three keys to it: outside/natural sunlight, a light box with plain white background, and knowing the white balance/exposure value functions (I’m using my phone which has these options, your camera may be different)

  11. Robin Showstack says:

    I hear you with the moving bit! We had to move in March (but that’s another story) and I am still unpacking. I love that you were able to bead under that stress! That said, your work is amazing! I especially love the rings!

  12. Rosantia Petkova says:

    It’s an impressive collection, bravo, so many pieces and different designs, wow! All of them pretty and elaborate. I really like the necklaces, especially the one with the beaded bail and the beaded focal that looks like Julius Caesar wreathe but also the last necklace with the rosettes 🙂

  13. Shaiha says:

    I am so glad that you managed to find a place and even more impressed by the beautiful designs that you created amidst the chaos.

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