Meet PyxeeStyx! (Kelly Patterson)

So if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I’m involved in Bead Peeps Swap N Hop.  The deadline for bead sending was this past Saturday but on Wednesday I picked up a new partner!

She is Ms. Kelly Hosford Patterson.  I giggled a little when I realized my first partner is a Pixy and my second a Pyxee too. You can ogle Kelly’s work on her Etsy site.

The best part about this pairing is how different her style is from mine. She very much an organic, freestyle, found object, kinda hippie and really fun. She’s a successful businesswoman that likes to challenge herself with surprise kits and reinvent things into awesome pieces. These are a few of my favorites:



She lives in SoCal, and loves the weather there in the winter, but says it’s almost unbearable in the summer.  She has a lot of family back east and can’t wait for the reunion at Lake Tahoe this summer.

We actually talked very little about beads in our 3 hour chat, though I did find out she has a hard time writing for her blog because she just writes so much and can’t stop (if you have a moment check out this post she did about dyeing pearls – who even knew you could do that?!).

Luckily I was paid Friday so I hopped on over to my LBS and got to looking. I found some things that seemed right up her alley, then came home and went through my stash to find more that I thought would challenge her. I just went searching for the pic of her items and found I deleted it from my phone, I’ll have to check if it’s on my computer later – but her package did go out today!

update: this is what I sent her lol


Can’t wait to see what she scrounges up for me!(my only request was no seeds as my other partner is a seeder – I really want to stretch myself!)

4 thoughts on “Meet PyxeeStyx! (Kelly Patterson)

  1. stregajewellry says:

    Kelly is a fun person and I just know you will have a great time with her as a partner. She comes up with some great ideas, no matter what she has to work with. I wonder what she will send you?

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