Vintage Organic Challenge

ANOTHER POST! This must be a record….So I sometimes get beads from Lisa Lodge for her challenges.  Today is the Vintage Organic Challenge.  I received some gorgeous beads:



I started creating the rivoli piece as soon as I got the beads, but set it aside because I know how hard it is for me not to share things.  Then I kept looking at it and the necklace part just wasn’t coming to me…..So within the past 10 days this is what I’ve created!


I’m not spectacularly happy with the clasp (magnetic) on this one so I’ll probably be taken apart and redone at some point.

The “pattern” for the rivoli bezel is my own – created as I went.  It’s also reversible since I finished the back





This was a very simple set I did – it started with the earrings.  Dainty and spring like, perfect for the weather we’ve been having lately! (I used ALL the metal flower beads on this one, which I’m kinda sad about, but it is really cute)




This pattern was offered as a freebie in one of my facebook groups and is (translated) by Kariti Lenita Barre. (Bangle a la Gemstone)  This is the first bangle I’ve created [sucessfully] so I want to send a big shout our to Kariti!




I still have LOTS of pearls and jasper gemstones left…..SOOOOO many possibilities!

Thanks for reading!

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