Bead Peeps……It’s a Peep from Beads!

So about fall of last year I became a part of a wonderful new group on Facebook called Bead Peeps.  This past weekend there was the sign-up for the First Annual Bead Peeps Swap ‘n’ Hop.  It’s a fun little event that will culminate on May 2nd.  Between now and then we’ll be matched with a partner, get to chat with them and send out pretty beads to each other (the waiting is the hardest part!).  We make jewelry and blog about it then hop around to the other participants to see what they made.  You get to see people pushed outside of their boxes and look at pretties all day (who wouldn’t love that?!)

So in preparation for the hop I’ve been “window” shopping a lot of artisan shops (one of the requirements is the use of artisan components which makes it even better!)…..and because not everyone uses Etsy I find myself losing track of some artists I have liked.  My solution? A PINTEREST BOARD!  Pinterest has become somewhat of an addiction for me…..I used to spend HOURS online pinning things – some are just pretty pictures I admire, some are craft things I know I will probably never ever do but look really cool.  Recently my cousin and I started pin boards for the vacation I’m going to take this summer.  Seriously – what did we do before Pinterest?! But I digress…..

So who am I as an artist?

Being self-taught I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything.  I’m not a fan of wire.  I’ve worked with it – those who can do it are usually really good at it, I’m just not.  I tend to move towards the seed beads.

I like bead weaving and bead embroidery, I’ve been doing a lot with rivolis and chatons in the past few months, as well as “pictures” with delicas.  Though towards the end of last year I got bit by the lampwork bug and have a small collection that is growing. I’ve also done kumihimo – I’d like to do some more beaded ones but just haven’t gotten around to it.  And 2 hole beads! I’m scared of those! I bought my first real superduos last week(I’d been using twins before that), and have tilas, magatamas, o beads, rizos and 2 hole lentils sitting in a drawer……kinda just waiting for me to get REALLY inspired because I know it’s going to take a lot of energy and patience to work with them……

Clear as mud now right? I don’t consider myself to have a “style” that can be recognized on sight like some other artists (Nancy Dale and Kinga Nichols are two that come to mind), it’s just kinda what I feel like that day…and if I feel that crappy then NOTHING gets done. It’s why I love these challenges – something new and exciting to kick myself in the butt and really get going……so join me on May 2nd for an exciting reveal and lots and lots of pretties!

^ It's a peep!

^ It’s a peep!

3 thoughts on “Bead Peeps……It’s a Peep from Beads!

  1. Kari Asbury says:

    Love it! We’ve been chatting through the peeps group but it’s so nice to read a little more about you. and I can so relate…creating what I feel that day …on a crappy day nothing gets done! lol I am so looking forward to the hop and this great opportunity to get to know you and so many others in the group.

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