Beyond the Bead Soup

BSBP 8 Blog Post Here

After finishing my BSBP pieces I hit the “wall”.  You know, that one where you see all of the projects you have lined up in your craft area, and you know there’s a ton of stuff you could be doing right now, but the inspiration just isn’t there.  It lasted a few weeks, longer then I would have liked, but I have gotten a few pieces done since then.  One of them sold, which I was extremely happy with (because it helped me buy more beads! lol) Now my vacation has started and it seems like there is an endless list of what I could be doing right now:

-ripping up carpet

-moving my bead/craft room to a bigger room

-working on pieces

-setting up photo area/taking pictures so that I can list on Etsy


-cleaning/putting away clothes (I think 5 weeks is the limit for not putting away clothes)

-just plain doing nothing!

So far I’ve gone grocery shopping, cleaned the litter boxes and semi-prepped dinner for tonight.  The hubby is off doing a biker weekend with his church, so it’s just me and the doggies home.


Here’s a few things I’ve finished in the past few weeks:


First soutache work – just some simple earrings.  These are SOLD


Second pair of soutache earrings (the ruby 6/0 seed beads are from my BSBP partner Lisa Suver)


Bobbin Earrings – made to look like the delicas are thread


Bobbin Necklace.  This lampwork bead was bought from Laura Arns of Arson Studios.  The “milky” wire wrapped beads were originally part of a necklace from years ago, but it became part of my “tearapart” session a few months ago.  I think they work really well with this piece.  This is SOLD.

I’m also working on a beehive inspired piece from one of the stones/faces I bought from Kristie Brigham of Sculpted Windows.  So far I have a bee, a few flowers and some honeycomb.   I’ve literally run out of bead buddies (I have 2 and use each 1/2 independently), plus I’m also working on a blog hop piece for Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop that will be on July 19th.Here’s a sneak peak of what I got (excuse the horrible pictures): this is Sodalite& Sterling Silver




Come back in a few days and hopefully I’ll have some pieces listed in Etsy!


2 thoughts on “Beyond the Bead Soup

    • alainnjewelry says:

      These were my first attempts. I like doing it with a foundation rather then “free”. I need to borrow that book from the library again….. and thank you about the bobbins. My original plan was for a peyote bar that went around it but it didnt seem organic enough

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