The 8th bead soup blog hop is here and I’m super excited. This year is my first participation, I was lucky enough to get in during the 24hr open sign up. 

My partner, Lisa, and I were both on the same page and had our soups out to each other within a few days after the partner reveal.  I loved my soup and got started with it right away. See here for a previous post with more detailed photos of the soups.

I have been finished with my pieces for 3+ weeks and it was so hard not to share before today!

(I apologize for the horrible pics in advance, I busted my phone last week and just got the replacement yesterday)

Without further ado here it goes:

This is the soup I started with:


Piece 1:





This was the first piece I made, and technically I could have stopped at this one since I used the focal and clasp, but I had too many ideas for that! The polymer clay cabochon was made by my partner (she normally makes lentil beads, but after seeing my previous work she made this special). 

Items used from my partner:
-polymer clay cabochon
-ruby seed beads (6°)
-salmon seed beads (10/11°) (I loved these so much that Lisa looked for them on her next trip to Shipwreck, but they no longer make this shade)
-radiant orchid seed beads (6°)

I supplemented with various size 15° & 11° seed beads and delica, as well as crystals bicones for the connection.  I let this one develop organically and the colors really remind me of India. 

I used 2 different edgings on it.  On the center piece is brick stitch and on the 2 outside pieces I use brick stitch and “lazy” edge near the clasp.  It’s backed with white leather, and it was stored around a rolled up towel to get the bracelet shape since there is no metal blank inside of it.  I can say from experience that it’s very durable – I wore it one day I ended up on my bike going 70….(and no mom I wasn’t speeding!) 

Piece 2:





When I envisioned this piece it looked VERY different. I’ve never been very good at dangly pieces because I always feel they should look different. 

Items used from my partner:
-swirl lentil beads
-crystals (I don’t know what shape they’d be considered, they can be seen in a previous post)
-brass beads

I used 3 different type of headpins for this piece  – flat, ball and eye.  Just depended on the look I wanted for the grouping of beads.  I laid them all out flat on my bead board to get an idea of placement before I twisted a single wire (I did lots more wire work between this piece and piece 3 then I normally ever do).  Three weeks later I’m still debating about moving one of the bright orange beads that’s closer to the clasp more centered since there’s 2 of them pretty close together. What does everyone think?

Piece 3:



Items used from my partner
-polymer clay saucer beads (she makes AMAZING gradient sets – go check out her Etsy)

This piece was definitely more in my comfort zone (silver) then the last 2 that had brass findings.  But the wire definitely killed my fingers!

I wanted to use this gradient set so bad but just had no idea. The bead shape (saucer) was really throwing me at first.   Until I was rooting through my stash and saw these bead caps.  They’re light and dainty and seemed to fit the beads perfectly! I made the earrings first then took the remaining 11 beads and rearranged them so the darkest was in the middle. There are 23 links total, the 11 saucer and 12 silver bicones.  I connected the links with jump rings like Lori Anderson suggests in her Bead Blog Hop book.  It gives it a lot more movement.

The necklace is so light I opted for a magnetic clasp (which I normally am opposed to because I don’t trust them). 

So that’s what I made from my bead soup! I still have lots left. I didn’t even touch the metal focal or the brown seed beads.  Just have to save those for another date!

To read about my partner Lisa Suver from Fanceethat please visit her blog

A sneak peek at what I sent her:

For all the participants (there are 450+) see Lori’s blog post here

Thank you to Lori and her husband for keeping the Blog Hop going! It truly is amazing all that you do!


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