Not about jewelry. CAKE!!!!

So this post isn’t about jewelry but I did make it…..

My fiances birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to make him a cake.  I couldn’t get him what I wanted so I thought making a cake from scratch would be nice.   I asked him what kind and he told me PB cup.  So onto Pinterest I went!  I found the perfect pin here

We changed the “recipe” slightly. We only did 2 cakes instead of 3, so cook time increased to 25 mins. For the filling/frosting we cheated and used pre-made buttercream and just added peanut butter and a little bit of milk.


The 2 cakes also left me with extra crushed Reeses so I put them on top.  There was also a lot of ganache left over, so could prb cut the amount in half.


The piping bag was just a gallon bag with the corner cut out, this made the tip come out while I was putting the finishing touches on soooooo I mis-counted and added 1 more then I had pb cups for.


“We” is me and one of my good friends who actually knows how to bake (because I do not!).  He was wonderful and patient and answered all my dumb questions….

So we’ll have this creation tonight after dinner….I’m making his favorite – chicken parm and we’re having a few friends over to play cards.


Happy Speedy Beading!

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