Both Soups Have Been RECEIVED!!

I got my soup today, and my partner received hers yesterday.  I was super ecstatic, I ripped mine open before even kissing my fiance….even though I knew we were leaving on the bike in a few minutes I just had to see!

My partner is Lisa Suver of FanceeThat and she makes amazing beads from polymer clay.  She included not 1 but 2 sets.  We both basically sent each other 2 soups with interchangeable elements.  Anyone that’s involved in the swap already knows the rules but for those that aren’t it’s as follows:
1)Partners swap a focal bead, a clasp and other beads they feel could be useful. 
2)The focal and clasp must be used (but not necessarily in the same piece)
3)There is a specified reveal date and no pieces can be shown before that.

So without further ado:


The packaging was beautiful, with a bonus heart beat to boot!


The tissue paper was so pretty I almost didn’t unwrap the beads! But then I lifted it up slightly and found I could just slide them out the side…which made me very happy.



Lisa listed a bead set almost identical to the gradient one a few days ago.  My only comment on it : “drool”.  Little did I know I had the matching set already in my soup! 


She also special made the clay cabochon to match the swirl lentil beads after looking at my previous works.

I love love love the colors.  I’m not much of a pink person so this is the best of both worlds, a pinky/peachy/watermelon/orchid set.  And the SWIRLS! Ah! (<—that's a good ah)

This is what I sent her:


I found out she usually won’t pick out reds or blues very often so I had a definite win with that! Comfort zone push!

Within 30 minutes of getting back from our ride/errands I was in my bead room raiding my stash and gathering things that might work.  This is what I found:(it’s been added to already!)


The red beads in the middle right are a perfect match (color and finish) for the size 6° Lisa sent me (talk about super excited because my stash isn’t that big and I bought those on a whim) 

Design ideas have already been drawn and I’m hoping to get started tomorrow……

These are a set of earrings I sent as a present (just in time for St Patrick’s!)


Happy Speedy Beading!

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