Bead Soup Sent

I’ve never been one of those people to spend a lot of time on wrapping things – my fiance is lucky I wrapped his Christmas present!  But I did try to make my bead soup pretty. Honestly I couldn’t decide between 2 soups (1 was the very first one I made(B), and 1 was made after I got my partners name(A)).

Soup B I felt used a focal she might never pick for herself, but soup A had a few elements she seemed to be familiar with.  Also,  some of the beads from B could be used with A based on color palette so I just sent them all! 

My partner is Lisa Suver from Washington.  You can find her blog here.  She makes beautiful beads(yes I had to triple highlight that bc it’s true!) She posted a gradient set yesterday that made me drool! 

You can find out more about BSBP here. I’ve tried to create a badge on my page but it just wasn’t happening.


All packed and ready to go


Distorted bead soup

Happy Speedy Beading!

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