Medallion special order

I received this order request about a year ago from a college friend (that now lives in Florida) and accepted it.  I had only done 1 bead embroidered piece before this and was still very much learning. I was so excited, made up drawings for the sets (3 pairs), ordered the beads, got the first one done, and the second started –  then life got in the way.  My mother-in-law (we’re not technically married but we act like it!) had had a lot of medical complications in the past 2 years. She broke and had her hip replaced and from that found out she had stage 4 lung cancer. When she moved in with us the cancer had moved to her brain and it was not looking good. It became a 24-hr job to take care of her which left no time for beading.  Long story short I didn’t get back to these until the end of October when the client contacted me asking if I could have them done and to her by Valentine’s for a photo shoot.  I told her I’d do my best and got to work.  As I started working on them again I borrowed books from the library on bead embroidery and networking with other artists, and realized that I really didn’t like my first 2 medallions (the second of which I had just finished!) – the execution just wasn’t up to snuff for me. So this is the second (of six, 2 separate designs) that I’ve torn apart and redone. Each set has a slight color inversion to make each unique. The one on the left is the original (done in backstitch), the one on right is the redo (done in couch stitch). So I have the matching one to do for this then I’m done! 35 days to get it in the mail. I think I can….I think I can…..


Happy Speedy Beading!

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